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TYW Travel Tips

Before you Go…
  • Make two copies and scan all important documents such as your passport and credit cards. Email yourself a scanned copy, leave one copy at home and take one with you – just in case!
  • Get a good night’s sleep before your voyage. If traveling east get to bed earlier and if traveling west and stay up a bit later.
  • Hydrate! Drink plenty of water and cut out caffeine at least two days before you leave. This will help with jet lag.
  • Make sure all your immunizations are up to date and any shots you may need are done.
  • Inform your bank of your trip if you plan on using any credit cards or bank machines and be sure your personal identification number is four digits!
Packing tips…
  • Make a list of everything you think you’ll need. (Most hotels provide hair dryers and shampoo.)
  • Don’t over pack! You will be responsible for your own luggage.  In order to enhance your experience we often stay in historical hotels that may not have elevators.
  • Plan to dress comfortable and casual, with one dressier outfit.
  • Avoid bringing new shoes; chances are you’ll be walking a LOT.
  • Leave expensive jewelry at home. If you like that diamond bracelet, so will a pick-pocket.
  • Arrive early.  Security measures and unknowns in airports can cause delays.
  • Only a quart-sized bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes is allowed  in your carry-on bag and through the checkpoint. Containers that are 3.4 ounces (100 ml) or less per item. Speed up your screening by separating these from your other carry-on baggage in advance. Larger containers must be transported in checked baggage.
  • Avoid wearing accessories containing metal as they may trigger the metal detectors.
  • Chew gum or candy to alleviate pressure in your ears during take off and landing.

Get the most out of your experience!

  • Enjoy everything! This is your “Once in a Lifetime” journey.
  • Read, learn and embrace the culture around you. The more you know about the place you are visiting the more you can appreciate it.
  • Keep a journal. Document what you have done each day and include ticket stubs, menus brochures and maps.
  • Have an open mind and always expect the unexpected. If you want your destination to be like home; stay home. Not all trips go as planned. There may be inevitable delays, bad weather or other inconveniences along the way. Keep a positive attitude.
  • Be mindful of your cell phone. International calls and roaming charges can quickly add up. Instead, ask your guide about buying a phone card in the country you are traveling.
  • Keep all money and valuables in a money-belt, on your person. Alternately you can choose to keep your valuables in the hotel safe.
  • Take a ton of pictures! These photos will help you remember and document your travels.
  • Respect the culture. When entering a church or place of worship, women are expected to have their shoulders and knees covered. Men should wear longer shorts or pants.
  • Have Fun!