We are passionate about connecting intrepid individuals with authentic, inspiring and experiential journeys worldwide.  We specialize in custom itineraries tailored to your travel needs, interests and budget.  We plan, design and implement the ideal trip that encompasses learning, adventure, flexibility and freedom. 

As avid travellers ourselves, we understand the importance of comfort and organization while travelling.  All of our itineraries are custom designed and packaged for seamless execution. We are your optimum choice for:

  • Adult Small-Group Special-Interest Tours
  • Executive Retreats & Incentives
  • Wellness Travel
  • Custom Independent Travel Itineraries
  • …and much more – Contact us!

Our tours are all custom-built.  We aim to exceed your expectations. We offer a broad variety of travel styles, flexibility, and one-of-a-kind experiences. We put our clients’ needs first and value feedback throughout our process as it is very valuable to our research, planning, and promise to ensure you Travel Your World, Your Way.

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Our Team

We are a proud and tenured team of travel planners, tour leaders and world travellers dedicated to understanding your needs and expectations, ensuring that your experience is everything you imagine it to be.  The possibilities are endless and with our knowledge and decades of travel experience, we can help you plan and execute the perfect journey.

Cindy Marleau

Co-owner and Senior Sales Manager
Cindy had often been told by her mother that ever since she was little a girl, her favourite book was the Atlas and that she would spend hours tracing each country’s borders and roads.  Perhaps one could say Cindy has always been destined to travel!
Cindy has been an active traveller since the age of 16.  In 2001, she embarked on one of her greatest life’s journeys taking a year with her husband and three teenagers to explore the globe.  Her explorations took her from the iconic Great Wall of China to the colourful cultures of India.  Tasting mouthwatering dishes of Thailand to casting her gaze upon the regal Sultan of Malaysia.  From the sounds of the cheerful children of Bangladesh to the riches of Monaco.  These life-changing adventures and fulfilling immersions into such diverse and magical cultures convinced Cindy that exploring our world is learning.  Cindy believes standing on the battlefields of France or walking on the Bridge over the River Kwai are examples of how our senses become excited as we see, feel and are allowed to truly learn history. Your world is your classroom.
Cindy has led dozens of educational student and adult tours in her career.  She has been working in the industry for over twenty years mastering the art conceptualizing unique thematic experiential itineraries.  Connect with Cindy for your next inspiring, soulful and experiential journey.

Janice Cadieux

Co-owner and Operations & Accounts Manager
Play – Adventure – Nature.  Ask Janice and she’ll tell you these are three of the most worthy words in our dictionary.   With rural roots and a deep desire to travel and employ these words in her playtime, she wore various hats prior to solidifying her career in the travel industry where she has enjoyed 25+ years. … and play adventurously in nature she does!  
Keeping TYW checked and balanced has become Janice’s primary role, but with a long history of assisting individuals with wanderlust aspirations, she continues to be passionately involved in this part of our process.
Having experienced many unique opportunities through her travels in the America’s, Europe, Asia and Africa she’s packed away an abundance of rewarding memories.   All time best of the best so far? …fulfilling a 30-year dream of trekking into the Virunga Mountains of Africa to be present with gorillas. “I continue to humbly wonder… why me? Exchanging a glance and the unanticipated touch of a being that shares 98.25% of our DNA is not something that happens for everyone.  That’s special!”  
Janice passed her wanderlust on to her two daughters who have also come to appreciate deviating from the beaten path.  
“I strongly believe travel is the best education!  It’s not simply geography.  Travel employs values, compassion and appreciation.  It takes you away and allows you to discover who you really are.  Travel allows you to give and to to get back.” 
Janice is an outdoor enthusiast, yogi, and foodie.  Connect with her if you’re looking for inspiration for your next adventure.  Alternately, she’s also here to talk numbers.

Gillian Scragg

Sales Assistant
Blessed – that’s how Gillian describes the opportunities she’s taken to explore her passion for history, culture, and adventure.   Her travel list includes India, France, Nepal, Thailand, the United Kingdom and of course none other than our own equally breathtaking country, Canada.
In addition to travel, Gillian appreciates the art and history of fine craftsmanship, family heirlooms, antiques and retro oddities.  Her favourite past times include antiquing, thrifting and hunting for treasures just waiting to be adopted and given another breath of life.
Gillian holds an extremely important role at Travel Your World.  You’ll find Gillian in our “back alleys” so to speak…. she owns the hands and mind that weld all of the intricate and detail oriented pieces together.   Gillian is committed to assisting her team and strongly believes in the difference a positive mindset makes.  She’s extremely personable and resourceful, which is why you’ll also find her at the forefront tending the varied needs of our many clients.  We welcome you to connect with Gillian.
“Travel Your World with an open mind, soul, and senses in order to discover the most of what the world has to offer.  We know such a small fragment of our world’s offerings.  Put yourself out there.  Experience it!”   
– Gill

Manuela Ninassi

Sales Associate
Under the guidance of her Italian immigrant parents, as a child, school breaks would find Manuela living life authentically in small villages of Italy and Belgium.  Captivated by the languages, the cultures, and the many fascinating opportunities, she yearned to not only discover more of her roots, but to share her other world. 
Fast forward many years, Manuela became an educator in second language and culture programs.  A perfect fit in many ways.She describes her opportunities to lead international student exchange programs as the ultimate reward.
Having recently retired from the formal education system, Manuela has bundled up her delightful energy, globetrotting knowledge and passion for education and moved in with Travel Your World.   With her fluency in 4 languages; Italian, French, Spanish and English, and a natural ability to organize and eliminate chaos, you’ll find Manuela leading small adult groups on a variety of Travel Your World experiential tours.
Q & A:
What do you love most about travel?    
“The unplanned.  I love to discover on my own…  walking, spontaneous conversations with locals and sampling traditional food and drink.”
Most Memorable experience?    
“So many to choose from …. singing ‘The Hills are Alive’ on the Salzburg mountaintop!”
Interests? Hobbies?    
“Volunteering at the Ital Canadian Senior’s Association, being active at the gym, cycling and playing volleyball”

Connect with and join Manuela on your next uniquely curated journey by Travel Your World.

Cathy Whittal-Williams

Sales Associate & Tour Leader
With Travel Your World, I am labelled with a title fitting to my role within the organization, however, I am also proud to self-identify as a Professional Gallivanter, retired English Teacher, and Grandmother to five important people.
Wherever I go my penchant is for meeting new people and finding out just how beautiful the world is.  Regardless of where I have been, the common denominator amongst all my global adventures has been a newfound appreciation for the important truths of life:  all people are proud of their country and culture and long to share their corner of the world with folks who wish to experience life with fresh spirits, open minds and wide-open hearts.
To date, I have sojourned and discovered over 50 destinations.  Some of my favourites?  North America, England, Wales, Poland, China, Japan, and India….  But ask me tomorrow and you’ll hear a different answer.
What I do know for certain:  As I journey I realize there is more that unites us than divides us.